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This website has been created to provide information for both patients and nurses on 'Intensive Care Unit Psychosis' or 'ICU Psychosis' as to which it is sometimes referred.

The Webmaster of this site experienced ICU Psychosis following cardiac bypass surgery.

The ICU Psychosis phenomena appears to be reasonably well documented, but patients often agree to major operations unaware of its existence and its effects. The site also brings together relevant references from the Internet.

The website also covers the use of morphine and its possible side effects on the patient as used in Intensive Care units and High Dependency Units in hospitals. Also covered is the use of statins following cardiac surgery.

The website offers an opportunity for both patients and nurses to share their experiences of ICU Psychosis so that others may learn about its consequences and be better prepared for major surgery.

Anyone submitting information to this website shall remain anonymous, and references to particular hospitals and hospital staff will be 'generalised' (ie names shall not be published).

Please read the Terms and Conditions section of this website if you propose to submit your experience.

There is now a forum for visitors to post experiences of comment on the website.

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