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Acute care training (PDF)
Acute confusional state / post operative psychosis (Word doc)
Acute disorders of consciousness (Word doc)
Acute mental state changes
(PowerPoint presentation)
Agitation in the ICU
(Word doc)
Anaesthesia - consent (PDF)
Anaesthesia - definition (Word doc)
Anaesthesia - explained (Word doc)
Anaesthesia - for aortic surgery (PDF)
Anaesthesia - general information (Word doc)
Anaesthesia - having an anaesthetic (Word doc)
Anaesthesia - practice parameters for intravenous analgesia in icu (Word doc)
Anaesthesia - recording drugs used (PDF)
Anaesthesia - the role of the lungs in drug distribution
(Word doc)
Anaesthesia - drugs used in
Anaesthesia - procedure (PDF)
Anaesthesia - you and your anaesthetic (PDF)
Analgesia and sedation in the critically ill
(Word doc)

Brain dysfunction in critically ill patients
(Word doc)

Clinical case method - teaching comprehensive approaches to illness behaviour (PDF)
Clinical governance (PDF)
Comprehensive approaches to illness behaviour (PDF)
Comprehensive critical care
Confusion assessment method for icu (PDF)
Critical care of the surgical patient (PDF)
Critical care outreach
Critical care programme (PDF)
Critical care quality (PDF)

Definitions (Word doc)
- after surgery [bmj] (Word doc)
Delirium - and confusion
(Word doc)
Delirium - and memory
(Word doc)
Delirium - an end's beginning (Word doc)

Delirium - an expert's view (PDF)
Delirium - clinical review
[bmj] (Word doc)
Delirium - cognitive impairment (Word doc)
Delirium - dealing with the delirium dilemma (Word doc)
Delirium - detection, prevention and treatment in critically ill patients (PDF)
- diagnosis (Word doc)
Delirium - icu syndrome (PDF)
Delirium - in critically ill patients
(Word doc)
Delirium - in the icu (Link)
Delirium - monitoring in critically ill patients
(Word doc)
Delirium - multi-component intervention to prevent postoperative delirium after open

               heart surgery (Word doc)
Delirium - occurrence in icu
(Word doc)
Delirium - overview
(Word doc)
Delirium - overview
(Word doc)
Delirium - pain and delirium in the icu setting
(Word doc)
Delirium - plasma amino acids and physical condition (PDF)
Delirium - post operative delirium (PDF)
Delirium - recognition of (PDF)
Delirium - recognition of delirium in ICU patients (Word doc)
Delirium - sleep and delirium after open heart surgery (Word doc)
Delirium - takes a toll in the icu
(Word doc)
Delirium - the occurrence of in icu (Word doc)
Delirium - treatment of patients (PDF)
Delirium - W
ikipedia definition (Word doc)
Delirium - violence in the workplace [bmj]
(Word doc)
Delusional memories
(Word doc)
Delusions of an intensive care patient (Word doc) patient interviews and information
(Word doc)
Drugs - beta blockers block out memories (Word doc)
Drugs - dose requirements and side effects of morphine and pethidine delivered by

            patient controlled analgesia (PDF)
Drugs - effects of commonly abused drugs
(Word doc)
Drugs - haloperidol or benzodiazepine treatment for acute psychosis (Word doc)
Drugs - incorrect use of a patient controlled analgesia pump (Word doc)
Drugs - induced delirium in the elderly (Word doc)
Drugs - levels of pain control (Word doc)
Drugs - morphine 1 (Word doc)
Drugs - morphine 2
(Word doc)
Drugs - morphine and post operative retention of urine
(Word doc)
Drugs - morphine overdose from error propagation  (Word doc)
Drugs - norpethidine toxicity and patient controlled analgesia (PDF)
Drugs - overdosage during patient controlled analgesia
(Word doc)
Drugs - overdosage of opiate from patient controlled analgesic devices
(Word doc)
Drugs - overdose of opioid from patient controlled analgesia pumps (PDF)
Drugs - patient controlled analgesia
(Word doc)
Drugs - patient controlled analgesia guidelines (PDF)
Drugs - patient controlled analgesia or politically correct analgesia (PDF)
Drugs - patient controlled analgesia review of safety issues (Word doc)
Drugs - patient controlled analgesia overdose (Word doc)
Drugs - patient controlled analgesia with tramadol or morphine (PDF)
Drugs - patient controlled analgesic administration (PDF)
Drugs - patient controlled hallucinations
(Word doc)
Drugs - psychiatric effects (PDF)
Drugs - psychological characteristics and the effectiveness of patient controlled
            analgesia (PDF)
Drugs - respiratory depression associated with patient controlled analgesia (PDF)
Drugs - respiratory depression with patient controlled anaesthesia (PDF)
Drugs - safety and efficacy of patient controlled analgesia (Word doc)
Drugs - safety issues with patient controlled analgesia
(Word doc)
Drugs - smart technology improves patient controlled analgesia (PDF)
Drugs - used in anaesthesia (PDF)
Drugs - use of propofol for sedation in icu (Word doc)

Fears over intensive care syndrome
[bbc] (Word doc)
Follow-up clinics (PDF)
Forum responses [internet] (Word doc)

Heart attack (Word doc)
Help to the bathroom (Word doc)
Hospital mobile bans must stay - effects in icu
(Word doc)
Hospitals combat insidious complication

ICU - diaries as a therapeutic intervention for ptsd following critical illness
ICU - clinical outcomes costs and decision making
ICU - disturbed memory and amnesia related to intensive care
(Word doc)
ICU - easing the trauma
(Word doc)
ICU - follow-up (Word doc)
ICU - going loco in intensive care
(Word doc)
ICU - keeping the icu demons at bay
(Word doc)
ICU - management of the agitated intensive care patient (PDF)
ICU - medicine
ICU - icu psychosis (PDF)
ICU - icu syndrome a dangerous misnomer (Word doc)
ICU - icu syndrome-delirium (PDF)
ICU - patient evaluation form (PDF)
ICU - Psychosis and patient autonomy: some thoughts from the inside (PDF)
ICU - what is ICU psychosis? (PDF)
Illness behaviour - comprehensive approaches (PDF)
Immediate extubation in cardiac surgery (PDF)
Impaired executive function is associated with delirium after coronary artery bypass graft surgery (PDF)
Is coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) doomed? (PDF)

Life support syndrome
(Word doc)
Long-term care (Word doc)
Lungs -
the role of in drug distribution (Word doc)

Miscellaneous reports (Word doc)
Morphine 1 (Word doc)
Morphine 2 (Word doc)
Morphine - post operative retention of urine (Word doc)
Morphine - overdose from error propagation on an acute pain service (Word doc)
Morphine - side effects (Word doc)
Morphine - treatment of side effects (PDF)

Nurses recognition of delirium and its symptoms (Word doc)

One in every three patients (Word doc)

Pain management (Word doc)
Papers (Word)
Patient reports (PDF)
Post operative retention of urine
(Word doc)
Pre-operative information for icu patients (PDF)
Prevalence detection and treatment of delirium in adult ccu (Word doc)
Psychiatric effects of drugs (PDF)
Psychosis - nhs direct article (Word doc)
Psychosis - clinical review [brit med jnl] (Word doc)
Psychosis - definition 1 (Word doc)
Psychosis - definition 2 (Word doc)
Psychosis - definition 3 (Word doc)
Psychosis - patient interviews and information (Word doc)
Psychosis - does icu psychosis really exist? (Word doc)
Psychosis - icu delirium
Psychosis - icu psychosis
  (Word doc)
Psychosis - icu psychosis (PDF)

Psychosis - jury holds physician & nurse responsible for patient’s suicide
(Word doc)
Psychosis - patient autonomy
(Word doc)
Psychosis - treatment 1
(Word doc)
Psychosis - treatment 2
Psychosis - what is icu psychosis 1? 
(Word doc)
Psychosis - what is icu psychosis 2? 
(Word doc)
Psychosis - why is intensive care a living nightmare for so many patients? 
(Word doc)

Quality critical care

Richmond agitation and sedation scale

Sedation in icu - a systematic review
(Word doc)
Sedation - associated with prolongation of mechanical ventilation
Ship's captain's medical guide [see chapter 3]
Statins - have we been conned about cholesterol? (Word doc)
Statins - are statins really the wonder drug that everyone says they are? (Word doc)
Statins - cut price statins linked to increase in patient deaths (Word doc)
Statins - statins linked to sleep problems and weight gain (Word doc)
Statins - the truth (Word doc)
Statins - mixed blessing statins cut risk of stroke but can trigger brain bleeds (Word doc)
Statins - heart statins a risk (Word doc)
Statins - are heart statins safe? (Word doc)

The role of the lungs in drug distribution (
Word doc)
Trauma stress is under recognised (Word doc)

Unrestrictive visiting reduced complications
(Word doc)

Ventilators (PDF)

Ward training
When a stay in intensive care unhinges the mind 
(Word doc)
Why is intensive care a living nightmare for so many patients?  (Word doc)

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